Jim Tague's bio photo for G2's advisory board membership.

About Jim Tague

Advisory Board Member

Jim Tague is the Principal and founder of the Performance Analytics Group, LLC, a specialized consulting and advisory firm serving the oil & gas industry.

Mr. Tague is the author of the bestselling “Oil & Gas Performance Analysis” (PennWell Books, 2019) 

Past Experience

Mr. Tague has served in a wide variety of executive and managerial roles in the oil and gas industry including CFO, Senior Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development, Manager of Corporate Planning, Senior Planning Analysts and Production Engineer.

In these roles, Mr. Tague gained significant and diverse experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry including Business Development, M&A, Reserves Accounting, Capital Budgeting, Performance Analysis, and Field Engineering.


Business Consulting on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.