Slawek Smulewicz Corporate

About Slawek Smulewicz

CEO and Director of G2 Energy

Mr. Smulewicz brings over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, along with demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and negotiation skills.

Over the past decade, Smulewicz has established relationships in the oil and gas industry in Texas, including asset sellers, investors, and professionals.

Smulewicz has a strategic vision and talent for building complex and geographically dispersed businesses, and has a proven track record for delivering results.

Smulewicz lives in Vancouver, BC, and in his free time enjoys spending time with his family.

Past Experience

Over the past decade, Smulewicz has established relationships with key market players in Europe including equipment producers, traders and end buyers for both residential and commercial products.

Also, as the Founder of BE Solutions company, Smulewicz has a mission to become a leading innovator in the renewable energy market. Smulewicz oversees business operations and management a wood-waste biomass facility in Poland. Smulewicz was the key leader in securing the permissions to process up to 220,000 ton of biomass per year and achieved the ENplus certification for A1 for wood pellet production, the highest standard in the field.

Previously, Smulewicz founded, and was the largest shareholder of, MicroCoal Technologies Corp. Smulewicz was responsible for the transformation of the company from a “carbon credits” business to a technology company by developing a method that dries coal using microwaves.Smulewicz was instrumental in the technology development and lead MicroCoal to complete its first agreement to build a commercial plant in Indonesia.

Smulewicz successes also include real estate projects in Poland totalling over USD $25 million and creating a construction company that employed over 450 people and focussed on developing Class A office space and 4- and 5-star hotels.

Heavy Industry on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.


Smulewicz holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Agriculture from the University of Warsaw and is fluent in English and Polish. He has served in various executive capacities and is on the Board of several international companies in both the Information Technology and Industrial sectors.