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Securing Tomorrow's Unique Oil & Gas Acquisition Opportunities

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Why Invest in G2's Targeted Oil & Gas Assets?

Location, Location, Location

The best place to find oil Is where it has already been found. G2 is primarily focused on acquiring producing oil and gas assets in the Permian Basis in Texas.

Local Industry


Extensive understanding and experience of oil and gas regulations In Texas allows G2 to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

Leadership & Strategic Partnerships

Highly skilled management team with extensive experience identifying overlooked opportunities among the rich oil basins of Texas.

G2 Energy Pumpjack

Enhancing Oil Recovery & Cash Flow

G2 acquires existing productive oil assets and leverages them with proven management expertise and technologies. Objectives:

  • Extending the life of already long-life assets.

  • Enhancing production of the assets.

  • Reducing costs associated with production.


Learn more about G2's business model and review the investment pitch today.

Key Oil & Gas Industry Trends and Statistics

G2 will capitalize on the third wave of worldwide refinery rationalization.

"Global Oil markets to tighten in 2023c as US reverses forecast"  July 11, 2023

G2 Energy Pumpjack technology

G2's Target Parameters

ROI 12–24 Months

Excellent cash flow, based on conservative estimates.

+60% Margins

Profit margins that increase 

with the price per barrel.


High-grade Texas reserves 

require minimal refining.


Stabilized profits into the future 

from low maintenance and other fixed costs secured today.

Positive Cash Flow by Day 1

Rapid cash conversion cycle.

Low operating costs.

Profiting 24/7 above $20 per barrel.

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