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Targeting Assets with Cash Flow

G2 Energy's primary focus is to target multiple producing oil and gas assets, adding value for the shareholders of the company.

Investor Relations

G2's plan is to acquire existing productive oil assets and leverage them with proven management expertise and technologies. Benefits:

  • Investors can capitalize on rising oil prices by purchasing G2 at an early stage of its life cycle.

  • G2's highly experienced team will manage the operational costs, which will result in multiple years of cash flow from these overlooked assets.

  • Limited equity issuances going forward means the shares will be tightly held. 

  • Oil sector company valuations remain compelling. G2's has a robust yet versatile energy background, strategic advisors & proven business systems.

G2's leadership believes that now is the time to act and enable greater yield for investors in the Post-COVID era.

Current Share Cap: April 11th 2024

Issued and Outstanding: 49,611,588


Reserved for Issuance: 41,685,605


Why Invest in G2?

The Big Picture

Supply cuts force big changes, leaving a wake of opportunity. The oil market is anticipated to remain under-supplied due to OPEC+ production cuts and lower North American output.

A Rising Oil Price

There has never been a better time to invest in oil producing assets. Oil stocks are recovering from historic lows and supply is inelastic to price. 

Unique Opportunity

G2's highly-skilled management and operating team have identified non-core asset acquisition opportunities in the Permian Basin ( Texas)  which yield immediate, significant and reliable cash flows.


Meet with Management

Have a question you can't find the answer to?

Book a meeting with G2's senior management and get it answered! Get your answers to:

Financial Models

Private placement details

Advisory and board member roles and opportunities

Requesting your investor documents and more


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